Zoe Antonius


Zoe Antonius joined Kids2Kids during her freshman year at West Morris Mendham High School, helping us to bring our program and mentor recruitment into another area high school.

Zoe is an honor roll student, participating in West Morris Mendham High School’s highly regarded International Baccalaureate program starting her junior year of high school.  With a talent and love for languages, Zoe has been taking both Spanish and Chinese classes since 5th grade.  In past years, her practice paid off as she was awarded the Spanish/Language Award for her enthusiasm and love for the languages.

A varsity swimmer for Mendham High School, this year will be Zoe’s sixth year swimming for the Morris County Swim Club.  Zoe brings the gift of enthusiasm to our weekly swim lessons, motivating kids to get in the pool and start swimming.  Zoe loves working with our kids–all through the week, she looks forward to Saturdays– and gets a tremendous amount of joy and energy from helping to teach our special needs children swimming techniques and generously sharing her knowledge, along with chatting and playing games with the kids. She  has received the gold Presidential Service Award for  consecutive years, marking over 250 hours spent volunteering with us each year.  Besides her love for the pool, Zoe also has a passion for music. She is a gifted musician who has been playing the viola for ten years and is a member of the West Morris Mendham High School cabaret and the advanced ensemble orchestras.

When she has free time, Zoe is an avid reader and enjoys listening to all types of music. In the summer, Zoe is the head coach of the Mendham Health and Racquet Club Hurricanes in addition to being a lifeguard.

In the future,  Zoe hopes to have a career that will allow her to use her foreign language skills while helping people in need. She is a member of the Chinese National Honor Society and loves to learn about different cultures.