• Develop lifelong skills of our children, through the inspiring leadership of young adults.
  • We know that time is precious with our children and all that we do must develop lifelong skills.


  • We mentor special needs kids in all facets of their lives.
  • We integrate the families into our programs as an essential component of the child’s success.
  • We know that our approach in each program needs to be combined with attention to cognition, language and social development.
  • We have a responsibility to nurture the leadership development of our Board and Mentors
  • Most of our efforts are in developmental sports and artistic programs. The over the horizon goal is to develop lifelong skills and to graduate our children to a typically developing program. We strive to successfully do this each year.
  • Our programs are grounded in basic skills development of our sport or artistic program. However, given our vision of attending to the whole child, our developmental construct attends to reasoning and social development.