Be a mentor

Mentoring is a  rewarding experience- it is philosophically grounded in the principles of “Giving Back”.


“Kids to kids not only teaches mentors about empathy and the power of giving, but also gives any kid the platform to take responsibility and become an asset to the organization. Kids to Kids does not care about GPA or athletic ability, it gives kids a place to learn and grow without judgment and an opportunity to go through trials and error. Any mentor who has volunteered with us will say that K2K is a safe haven, for any kid, mentor, or parent that walks through the door.



Mentors do not have to commit to a specific schedule -date or time. We are respectful of the priorities you have to family, academics and personal development.

Training is an essential prerequisite to volunteering in any program. Frequent training programs are offered throughout the year.


Talk to our mentors to learn more about volunteering- email: