Spotlight On Laura & Sal

“Who makes much of a Miracle”

Walt Whitman

“Who makes much of a Miracle?” is the title of a talk given by the children’s author and early reading expert, Dr. Ted Clymer, based on the beautiful poem “Miracles” by Walt Whitman.  In his talks, Dr. Clymer spoke about the small miracles of helping a child learn to read – a lifelong skill.

We are very lucky and fortunate to have a community of young adults in our K2K organization in Morristown who take these miracles as personal challenges.   Today we would like to shine the spotlight on one of our many miracle workers helping our children develop lifelong skills, Laura Romanski,  aptly also known as “Sal’s Angel”.

Laura is a founding board member of K2K, the creator and instructor of our Art program and a mentor in our swim program. To know Laura is to Spotlight her journey with one of our swimmers that she has mentored for over three years.

Each Saturday during our swim clinic, Laura works with Sal, one of our most challenging swimmers but one that we knew that with persistence and patience we would get him to swim.

Here is what Laura said about her first session with him: “Eventually, I was able to ease Sal into the water, however, this little victory didn’t last long.  He spent the whole hour under water spinning in circles.  I did not give up, though, week after week I talked to Sal.  I would ask him questions about his favorite foods, books, and places, and I didn’t expect an answer. It went on like this for months—I was so determined to make any sort of progress with Sal and his mother was so grateful for my efforts.  Yet, I still could not get him to swim freestyle.” Three years later and hours of building trust and understanding what motivated Sal – the culmination was Sal swimming in his first meet and completing a 50 yard Freestyle race.

Passion and commitment to our children define Laura but Sal’s Mom captures the essence of Laura: 

Where to begin?

I know , she is an angel!

Her Patience Her Acceptance

Her Loving mannerism is a blessing!

She has been swimming with Sal for over three years now. She has had a major impact on Sal’s life and mine . Her persistence and genuine loving nature for Sal has allowed him to grow emotionally, socially, and as a great swimmer !

They share a special bond ! He looks forward to seeing her every Saturday to increase his swimming skills . Laura can read him … She knows when he is unfocused Silly or out of sorts. She naturally puts him back on track. She understands him even if no words are spoken. She has pushed him to verbally communicate with her over the years. He now will speak to her in full sentences. Their relationship has blossomed over the years! When I see the two of them in the pool and their interactions, it just brings a smile to my face and happy tears in my eyes !

Laura truly is Sal’s angel!!

I will be forever grateful for her! Sal’s mom- Roe ❤

Laura is a senior at Hanover Park High school and has been dedicated to her school and community for many years.  She is the student government secretary, vice president of the charity club, as well as executive representative of the National Honors Society.  A four year varsity athlete, Laura is captain of the school swim team and also competes on the varsity soccer team. She is involved in all of her school’s events and fundraisers while remaining very focused on her academic achievements.

In her free time, Laura loves to draw.  She is planning on attending Penn State University, College of Arts and Architecture.

Thank you Laura for demonstrating with your actions what Kids to Kids is all about!

PS   This spotlight is on Sal too! His success through his great disposition, persistence and resilience and especially his trust and love of Laura lets us all dream a little bigger.