Congresswoman Sherrill High Praise for our Mentors


Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, has been an advocate for special needs people since taking office.

She has kept a close watch on the K2K work we do with special needs children.

K2k was invited to participates in her Round Tables on issues that special needs families face each day. She has had representatives at our graduation from CCM for some of our students.


She was gracious in creating a video thanking our mentors for their extraordinary efforts during the Pandemic.

“Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill is grateful to the student mentors of the Kids to Kids program for your dedication to continuing to serve our community of children with special needs despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. You are all shining examples of how New Jersey has come together to support each other during the coronavirus pandemic!Here is a link to her high praise to our mentors who even during the pandemic have found ways to stay engaged with our kids.”

Rep Mikie Sherrill shout out     

In Congresswoman Sherrill’s thanks she states: ” The Caring and Concern you have shown has made a huge difference….”

Thank you, Congresswoman Sherrill, for your support!



K2k has transitions many of our programs to virtual in an effort to support our families.

While we sadly have not been able to reach many of our kids due to the \difficulties with using virtual technology many attend over 11 and growing programs.

You can sign up here:

We are currently running these programs: Yoga, Exercise, Tai chi, Dance, Sing a long, Game day and One on One chat