School Year Golf 2018-19

Golf Start Date October 2nd 2018  

The Golf Program is run by the New Jersey Golf Foundation and supported by NJPGA Golf Professionals and players from local High School and Country Club teams.



Our goals for Golf follow the same belief and tenets of all our program.

  • Most of our efforts are in developmental sports and artistic programs. The over the horizon goal is to develop lifelong skills. We strive to successfully do this each year.
  • Our programs are grounded in basic skills development of our sport or artistic program. However given our vision of attending to the whole child, our developmental construct attends to reasoning and social development.
This School year program is conducted in the Gym of the Normandy Park School using adaptive equipment. This replicates for the most part the characteristics and practices of a regular program During the spring we will attempt to have as many session as possible at a club or driving range. Players can also continue their development at our two week clinic in July.

Link for adaptive equipment

Dates:   Every Tuesday starting October 3th- thru May 31st

Dates not available  11/7, 12/26, 4/3

Time: 6:30- 7:30 pm

Place: Normandy Park School
Normandy Park Blvd
Morristown NJ  07960



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