High School Peer Mentoring

K2K belief system is founded on the tenets of inclusion of all students

into the community at large Рincluding school.

To that end the planning that is underway identified 4 areas that can best address the potential for more inclusion of three populations at the school. The targeted population is: First, the special need student, who many times are invisible populations do to their own limited social experiences. . The second populations are any new student that is trying to make sense of existing culture at the High School and how they fit. And the third group is the peripheral group of students that are sometimes socially incapable of navigating the institutions/social aspects of the school.

The targeted areas that lend themselves to immediately implementation of this initiative are:

  • School bus– where we would ask our peers to be aware of these populations and informally interact.
  • Lunch period– this is when we can clearly see the isolation of these students. The intent is to start something first within the confines of the cafeteria with mentors taking the lead on a rotating schedule. Much of this is still in the planning stages and will be given shape by the number of students to be targeted. And by the number of mentors from K2K and other school populations that step up to help.
  • Gym period– many of our special needs population needs guidance and direction especially during the transition time.
  • Sports Team– while many of the formal school programs are not appropriate for the special needs populations give the speed of and or verbal interaction essential for team play. There are examples of programs that have an inclusion policy. The swim program is a great example- Coach G has a no cut policy and is an advocate for inclusion.
  • School Clubs– many of the school clubs are an ideal vehicle for inclusion. Clubs will need to be identified as appropriate for these students.

Your school can and should be at the forefront of inclusion- email us for more information– kidstokids.us@gmail.com