Drama Social Language

Teaching Pragmatic and Social Language through drama and plays


We all agree that social and language development is a great need for many of our children.

Our drama program will develop the reciprocal language and cues that are essential for our kids to fully participate in society. While there still be a need to build the generalization necessary for this to take hold, we can hold social events that will put practice into play.

Consultants: Dr Steven Tobias, Center for Child and Family Development

Jeorgi Smith, Director Performing Arts

Jeorgi has been working within the performing arts industry since age five and has performed in multiple commercials, films, regional theaters, and Off-Broadway. She recently graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with her BA in Theater Arts: Acting. When not performing, Jeorgi enjoys working as a professional teaching artist, choreographer, and director for local schools and professional theatre companies. This past year, Jeorgi choreographed Annie Warbucks Off- Broadway at the Signature Theater and Assistant Directed the world premiere show, Dance Divas Nutcracker Off- Broadway at Theater Row. Jeorgi is very excited to begin her journey with Kids 2 Kids!

Registration is now open!

Anticipated start date late  March 7th every Wednesday thereafter


Place: Thomas Jefferson School
            101 James St
            Morristown NJ 07960

Time: 7-8pm


The program is currently under development and we are meeting and planning with social and cognitive psychologist and drama instructors to create and identify the essential language and cognitive elements that will be the framework for the content plays/Drama. The hypothesis is that through drama and plays we can create the structure that will enrich the language and cognitive skills of our kids.

We are at the forefront of this programs hypothesis. but believe that it has the potential for success.

While the current research tends to be about play in general as an important component of understand higher concepts of social interaction, there is enough compelling data that crosses between these two research segments for us to hypothesize about its potential with our children.

Here are some links to research that is driving our planning.

Drama on social development  click here

Symbolic play for social development  Click here

Play impact on  cognitive development click here

Essential questions

  • Are we really asking kids to gain a sense of self? (Executive functions) Are we after dispositions?
  • What social and language skills to focus on?
  • What Protocols, Cue’s? In the beginning? Following directions?
  • What play or drama might be most effective? Disney, Nursery rhymes??
  • How to integrate drama with social language development?
  • Delivery through Drama students? What training? What’s essential?
  • How to bridge to real world language and interactions?


DATES NOT AVAILABLE: 3/14, 4/4, April 25th at Alfred Vail

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