Morristown High School Names Zachary Crowe as NY Jets “Upstander of the Week”

MORRISTOWN, NJ – Another week, another Upstander of the Week has been chosen at Morristown High School. This week; Week 11,  Zachary Crowe was chosen by the School Safety Team. According to the high school, he is  “doing a fantastic job helping a special needs student that sits next to him in health class.”  He has “always done this on his own” and he “makes sure that the student understands the assignment or whatever activity is being worked on in class.”  He is “not only helpful to this student but to the teacher as well” because it allows her to “focus on the rest of the class knowing that Zachary is taking the reins with her special needs student.”  Finally, she stated that he was “very deserving of the Jets award!”

Zack Outlander

The “Upstander of the Week” is a new initiative at Morristown High School, started by Susan Mele after she attended the New York Jets “Stomp Out Bullying” symposium over the summer. The program will continue through the 16 weeks of NFL season.