Jordan Viotto

Jordan Viotto is currently a sophomore attending Morristown High School as an honor roll student. Jordan has been dedicated to working passionately with our programs since we originated. Jordan has always been interested in helping special needs children, as he acts as an advocate for special needs children in and out of K2K. When in the hallways, Jordan often goes out of his way to speak with many special needs children at his school. Jordan is dedicated to giving back to the community.

Jordan has been swimming competitively since the age of five and currently possesses several Morris County Swim Club records. Jordan keeps a compact schedule leading on the Morristown swimming and soccer varsity teams, while having several part time jobs. Jordan currently referees recreational soccer games in the fall,, while lifeguarding in the summer. Jordan is a former swimmer for the Morris Township Manatees. Jordan also is a member of the STA soccer club, who were finalist in the 2017 state cup. Additionally, Jordan was a top 100 sophomore in New Jersey for soccer in 2017.

Jordan hopes to follow in his sister footsteps by working in a special education resource room.