Ethan Kim

Ethan Kim is a junior at the Morristown Beard School, class of 2019. He is an avid filmmaker, swim captain and a varsity cross country runner. Ethan joined the K2K mentoring program in his sophomore year with a desire to give back to the community. He learned about K2K through his swim team, and as soon as he entered the program, he instantly fell in love with it. He was able to understand the struggles and frustrations of the children he was working with due to his own struggle with ADHD. In his time working with K2K, he has assisted in the development and eventual creation of the new K2K drama program, and has also become a strong recruiter of new mentors. While Ethan takes pride in his role as a varsity athlete, he also is well known by his peers for his creative and artistic side. In his sophomore year, he completed a three-hundred and sixty-five day documentary style “vlog”, recording each day and editing it down to an easy to watch, minute video. He also works in the theatre arts at Morristown Beard, both as an actor or as a crewman. On top of that, Ethan shines academically, taking all honors classes. In the future, he hopes that his work with K2K will leave a mark with every child he has worked with, and will continue to cement his role as a valuable board member in his senior year.